Color Psychology for Marketing

Wouldn't it be nice to make color choices for your brand that are intentional and purposefully-designed to spark meaningful action?

"Color is what gets your audience to see what you want them to see, feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do."

Your brand's color palette has a HUGE effect on how your customers engage with and act towards your content.

In this quick and fun mini-course, I teach you the role that color psychology plays in marketing persuasion. I go over 9 of the most popular brand colors and break down each color's personality traits and characteristics. You'll learn how each of these colors are perceived globally, and which color families work best for certain types of brands.

In as little as one afternoon, you'll learn:

  • How color psychology influences your customer's buying behavior
  • The 9 main colors used by giant brands and how these colors are perceived globally
  • The personality traits associated with these color families
  • How to create a color palette that resonates with your CUSTOMERS


  • Battle of the Sexes: I've included a bonus section that breaks down studies over the past 7 decades that show the differences in how men and women respond to color choices

"Jessica's mind is a work of art. She speaks from a true knowledge base that has informed practices as a female entrepreneur. You feel like you're sitting in a coffee shop as if you've known each other forever. She truly wants each and every women's business to succeed!"

- Stina Welty, Founder, The Everyday Series

Hey friend!

My name is Jessica. I'm a mompreneur, marketer and brand strategist with a decade's worth of marketing and branding experience. I've worked with brands like Red Bull, TedxWomen, Girls Who Code, Girl CEO Inc, and a whole bunch others.

Fun fact: I also have a design degree and am absolutely confident that the reason I became a great marketer was because of my background in design.

I created this training because I want to be able to empower business owners to tap into the marketing powers of designers without actually BEING a designer. Color influences everything about how your brand is perceived, and I use decades worth of color psychology and color theory to show you which colors influence certain behaviors and emotions. Is your brand bold and daring? Well, there are other color options besides Red that can communicate your boldness. Do you want your customers to trust you? Well then, the color blue and a variety of other color combinations would be perfect for you.

I teach you this, and so much more, in this free training, and I hope to see you on the other side!

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